J-rocker Pets

owner: Sujk (Sujk/ex.DELUHI/ex.UNDIVIDE)

pet: Waccha♪ (わっちゃ♪)


In celebration of Sujk’s smartphone debut, we can now enjoy Waccha pics in HD( ´∀`)  lol

owner: Ruru (ALIVE)

pet: Gucchan (ぐっちゃん) & Gupio (ぐぴお)

Owner: Aki (SID)

pet: Gin (ギン)

Owner: Ichi (壱-ichi- / GHOSE)

pet: Mashiro (ましろ)

owner: Aiji (Lm.C)

pet: Sora (そら)

owner: Mike (Blu-BiLLioN)

pet: Kamebi (カメ美)


bi, right? or mi? (;・∀・)

owner: MAN”J (Sel’m)

pet: Chiro (チロ♀)

owner: mag (Blu-BiLLioN)

pet: Ojou (お嬢)


She seems to live with his parents

owner: Teru (Blu-BiLLioN)

pet: Tare (たれ)


He seems to have had many pet hamsters - Ruru(ルル), Choco(チョコ), Mint(ミント), Vanilla(バニラ), Azuki(あずき), Purin/Pudding(ぷりん), and then Tare. 

There’s a little story behind this.

First there was only Ruru. Then there were Vanilla and Mint. They got married(that’s the word he used :P) and Azuki is their kid. Later Vanilla cheated on Mint with Choco. he bought Purin and Tare separately after… if I got it right. lol


btw, Thank you for your request. will try to find more for you :)


pet: I’m not sure about the name. Nyansu?(ニャンス)